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AMLO government announces drug legalization in Mexico

Because it seeks to give a radical and different solution to what previous governments did

According to the National Development Plan (PND) 2019-2024, the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposes to reformulate the fight against drugs and reduce consumption levels by lifting the ban on substances that are now illegal.  

The document sent by the federal Executive to the Chamber of Deputies proposes that the resources destined to combat the transfer of illicit drugs be applied in massive programs, “but personalized” to reinsertion and detoxification. 

” The only real possibility of reducing levels of drug use is to lift the prohibition of those that are currently illegaland redirect the resources currently destined to combat their transfer and apply them in reintegration and detoxification programs””National Development Plan»

The 298-page text warns that in terms of narcotic drugs ” the prohibitionist strategy is already unsustainable , not only because of the violence it has generated but because of its poor results in public health.” 

The National Development Plan does not detail what type of drugs they would seek to ban, it only states “those that are currently illegal.” 

“The prohibitionist model inevitably criminalizes consumers and reduces their chances of social reintegration and rehabilitation,” according to the official document .  

The AMLO government maintains that the “war on drugs” has escalated the public health problem that currently banned substances represent until it becomes a public safety crisis. 

“The alternative is for the State to renounce the claim to combat addictions by banning the substances that generate them and dedicate themselves to keeping those who already suffer from them under control through clinical follow-up and the provision of prescription doses.” This stops in a second step offering them personalized detoxification treatments and under medical supervision.

However, they clarify that the proposal for legalization includes and “this must be sought in a negotiated manner, both in the bilateral relationship with the United States and in the multilateral sphere, within the UN”.

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