Mazatlan launches the largest tugboat in Mexico


In just 18 months, the oldest shipyard in the port, Marecsa, completed the construction of the Cormorant tugboat, considered to be the largest in Mexico

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Informative Reaction) .- After a long naval engineering process at the Marecsa shipyard, the launch of the Cormorán vessel, a tugboat type AMC-775, a project that was initiated by the Salt Exporting Company for carry out heavy work inside the sea.

The Cormorant is considered the largest tugboat built in the history of Mexico.

Gabriel Delgado Saldivar, general manager of Marecsa, said that the participation of 170 employees was needed for the shipbuilding of this tugboat, such as paileros, welders, mechanics, naval and administrative engineers, emphasizing that the new tugboat is number 775 built in that shipyard since the time of the 40s.

“The naval industry is millenary, since it was the first profession, and today we are pleased to launch our AMC-775 that will be named Cormorant, and it is relevant, because in this shipyard by the address of Don Tomas de Rueda, began to build ships and today is 775 of hulls built in previous times and with ours, “he said.

Delgado Saldivar explained that the project was carried out in a period of 18 months, and with this, Mazatlan would become the port that managed to build one of the largest vessels in the history of Mexico, being also the most powerful to sail over the sea .

“The tugboat that is being thrown away today, is not the largest that has been built in this shipyard, it is the largest tugboat that has been built in Mexico, with a capacity of 5,300 horses and it is a pride for us that the company Paraestatal Exportadora de Sal has entrusted us with this construction, “he said.

More than 50 percent of the tugboat’s construction was done with supplies from suppliers or local auxiliary industry, be it propellers, nozzles, rudders, steel and paint.

It was also announced that the Marecsa shipyard will build a 27-meter sadirnero and two 30-meter boats for the aquaculture industry, with the same support with which the Cormorant was built.

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