Mazatlan cleans the beach at “Los Pinitos”


It is campaign number 15, carried out by the Operator and Administrator of Beach in the different areas of bathers of the municipality

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With gloves and bag in hand, members of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan removed all types of waste, which most of them are abandoned by those who visit the beach “Los Pinitos”.

The sanitation movement, which started at 7 in the morning, was also joined by City Hall staff , Sel Acuario, CAPTA, hoteliers and citizens in general, in total about 50 people, who seek to have clean beaches.

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan, commented, what has been done corresponds to the campaign that they carry out each month, however, these are joined by others who are working alongside managers of hospitality centers.

Cigarette butts, pet baskets, and plastic bags, he said, are the most commonly found waste in bathers’ areas, which people recklessly leave.

The retired on the beaches, he said, is transferred to drums for garbage, which is subsequently collected by the Municipal Public Services staff, which is responsible for transferring them to the solid waste deposit, which is located at the southern exit of the city.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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