Fines announced in Mazatlan, Now for ‘misuse’ of drainage


It is a measure that JUMAPAM is considering to end the dumping of waste to the drainage network, particularly in municipal mercados such as Pino Suárez. They could start shortly

In Mazatlan, the fines applied by the City Council will not only be reduced to road infractions, to those applied by Senior Officials, or for taking out the trash at the wrong time. 

Now it is the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage that contemplates sanctioning those who make ‘bad use’ of the drainage network, that is, to pour waste into it, starting with the municipal markets, this was announced, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, Manager of the municipality. 

He pointed out that there are more and more breakdowns in the sewer pipes of sewage through the city, which when repaired are found from bones, skin, grease, oils and other organic waste that are spilled around the markets. 

In this sense, Tiznado Ontiveros revealed that they were already visited tenants of the José María Pino Suárez market by way of awareness, being able to start with the fines shortly, to reoccur in the dumping of waste to the drainage. 

He said that the application of sanctions will be in accordance with the Law and not only for formal establishments but also for the street vendors around the supply centers. 

Source: tvpacifico

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