Sinaloa “El Peñón” dam exceeds its capacity


Escuinapa, Sin. – The Agustina Ramírez “El Peñon” dam began to pour water on the curtain when its water storage capacity was exceeded after the rains that have been recorded in recent days.

According to the information obtained by personnel in charge of this dam, it was from Tuesday afternoon when the level of the dam was exceeded and the water was poured over the curtain reaching a level of approximately 10 centimeters above.

This caused the increase of the Buñigas stream, which is where the water that comes from the dam runs.

It should be noted that in the last visit to the dam by personnel from El Sol de Mazatlan last Monday, according to the information obtained at that time, the dam was at 98 percent so it was started a vent through the irrigation canal.

Despite this release, the rains that have continued to occur in the area led to the dam exceeding its level.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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