Sinaloans go viral on FB as they take water tour on Mochis’ flooded streets


As it passed through Sinaloa, tropical storm Ivo unleashed heavy rains, especially in Rosario, where it rained approximately 200 liters per square meter in 24 hours, affecting about 180 houses.

In Mazatlan 10 colonies were damaged and between 180 and 200 homes had different levels of damage.

Among the “misfortune” of may Sinaloans, three kids from Los Mochis, Sinaloa took advantage of the water currents to take a ride on floats.

In a video published on Fabebook the boys are seen, dressed in shorts, lying on inflatable beds, relaxing and drifting away with the flow along the streets of Rio Fuerte and Jiquilpan, in Los Mochis, despite the heavy rain.

Source: Facebook