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Sinaloa rains will continue today, until Wednesday!

Despite the low-pressure channel that runs through the south of Sinaloa, there will be a maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The Conagua Local Observatory reported that rains will be registered in the city, as a result of the atmospheric instability that the low-pressure channel in the south of Sinaloa brings, thus commented Hugo Nordahl Valdés , head of that instance.

“It follows the low-pressure channel in the northwest and is affecting Sinaloa, mainly the south; in Mazatlan, rainfall of 99 millimeters of accumulated precipitation was recorded since yesterday morning and rainfall is forecast to continue because atmospheric instability continues “, He said.

He said the torrential rains will continue the rest of this Monday through Wednesday, adding that despite the rainfall, the temperature will remain at a maximum of 33 degrees Celsius.

“For today, low instability minus three millimeters with 60 millimeters is expected, and instability is expected to continue Tuesday and Wednesday, which could be 20 millimeters and temperatures will continue to be very hot from up to 33 degrees,” he said.

Source: conagua, reaccion informativa

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