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Sinaloa authorities carry out operation against vehicles with tinted windows

The joint operation had the coordination of authorities of the three levels of government orders were also carried out against motorcyclists without plates

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The General Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic of Ahome, in coordination with the three government orders, began with the removal of polarized vehicles legally not allowed.

The actions are added to the review of motorcycles that do not carry plates.

Yesterday the municipal and federal agents of the National Guard, installed the operation at the intersection of Macario Gaxiola boulevards with Juan de Dios Bátiz. Vehicles were intercepted that had tinted windows, and their owners were invited to remove it or else a fine would be imposed.

“Bringing high density polarization prevents visibility to the driver, and increases the risk of running over pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or colliding with another vehicle. It also prevents the authorities from looking inside the vehicle and carrying out the prevention ”.

The authorities clarify that the polarization of .30 graduation or less can be used.

In the same operation, 27 motorcycles were collected for not carrying the license plates; Some drivers did not wear a helmet or other protective measures. No unregistered motorcycles will be allowed to circulate.

The plaque can be processed and has a discount until August 30; For this, the interested parties must carry their motorcycle license, certified invoice or copy of the invoice, proof of address and damage insurance policy to third parties.

With these permanent measures, the police authorities seek to prevent accidents of tragic consequences for families, or that result in people with disabilities, and with economic losses.

“In addition to everything that creates insecurity, we will prevent or combat it from the three orders of government, to provide greater security for Ahome’s families,” they said.

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