Poverty grows in Mazatlan


The Directorate of Social Welfare attributes this curiously to the generation of jobs, but with low wages that have attracted foreign workers who increase the number of homeless

According to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy ( Coneval ) the municipality registers a growth of 0.1 percent in moderate poverty, detecting 25 thousand people in extreme poverty and 155 thousand in moderate poverty, which means that it stopped the reduction of this condition of economic vulnerability, reported Tonatihu Guerra Martínez, Director of Social Welfare. 

Guerra Martínez attributed this situation paradoxically to the creation of jobs, but of low-wage jobs, which has attracted foreign workers who come to inhabit the periphery by increasing the number of homeless shacks. 

The municipal official indicated that the solution is in attracting new investments to Mazatlan, but in the manufacturing sector, following examples such as Querétaro, were around the education system has established an entire industry of space aeronautics, allowing jobs better paid. 

He said that the arrival of the so-called drone factory in the municipality is a good start to improve the supply of jobs and with it the quality of life of the Mazatlecos, as well as those who have come to settle in recent years. 

Source: tvpacifico

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