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Depression among young Mexicans due to unemployment, poverty, and stress

Depression causes suffering in young people and they alter their performance in different areas, it can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

In Mexico, one in four adolescents is at risk of suffering depression or has already suffered from a psychological disorder, due to social factors such as unemployment or poverty, linked to biological conditions, said the specialist Silvia Morales Chainé.

The coordinator of the Training Centers and Psychological Services of the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM warned that this condition will be presented more frequently among young people in the near future, in addition to the use of psychoactive substances and suicidal thoughts and attempts.

The researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ) explained that the morbidity of depression could be due to the fact that this sector of the population has different conditions or risks related to mood, emotions, and alterations in daily life.

He explained that one in five people takes between four and 20 years to take therapy to attend to some mental illness, which has led experts to delve into the causes and factors related to depression, which occupies the first place among the disorders Disabling teenagers worldwide.


Morales Chainé explained in a statement that the symptoms that characterize depression vary in severity (mild-severe) and duration (months-years), cause suffering in young people and alter their performance in different areas, can even lead to thoughts and/or suicide attempts.

In addition, he added, associated factors have been identified and the majority are psychosocial, such as unemployment, poverty and stressful events, coupled with the fact that it is linked to biological conditions (genetic and environmental) and social groups.

The specialist said that in children and adolescents, problems of attitude, anger, and anxiety are observed as indicators of depression, which does not mean that they are lazy, but that they require professional attention to recover.

Likewise, thoughts about lack of value can improve with pharmacological and social support, since it is not an attitude problem, rather a disorder that requires professional help, he added.

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