Older urban buses have their days numbered in Sinaloa


The director of Roads and Transportation in the State, Feliciano Valle Sandoval, revealed that in Sinaloa there are 275 units that are in poor condition

Sinaloa.- As of 2020, Sinaloa will not have “scrap” urban buses, and in that definition, those units older than 20 years enter, said the director of Roads and Transportation in the State, Feliciano Sandoval Valley

The state official mentioned that to make this a reality, an agreement was made with all the Urban Transport alliances in the State.

Valle Sandoval revealed that of the 2,272 existing units, there are currently 275 units in poor condition circulating in Sinaloa.

“These units are more than 20 years old, therefore those carriers must know that they have the days counted to provide the service to the Sinaloans,” said the director of Roads and Transportation.

He said that this is coupled with the modernization of urban transport in the State.

“This is done by the project that has the renewal of public transport units, we cannot be on the one hand, promoting new units with air conditioning and preferred seats, and have units that should no longer serve the citizens because they do not they are comfortable or safe, ”he said.

Source: reaccion informativa

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