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Sinaloa reaching for top beaches in Mexico

The state of Sinaloa is the second place nationally in beach certification with the SEMARNAT standard NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2016.

This year the State Government through the Secretariat of Sustainable Development works so that the state obtains first place in beaches certified by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification AC

The beaches that currently have certified stretches in Sinaloa are: El Maviri, in Ahome; Las Glorias, in Guasave; Las Labradas, in San Ignacio; El Camacho Verde, in Mazatlan; and Gaviotas, in Mazatlan.

It should be noted that El Camacho Verde is the beach with the largest certified stretch in Mexico, with an extension of more than 6 kilometers.

This 2019, on the occasion of the Easter holiday period as part of the Sinaloa Clean Beach program, the Zero Waste campaign was launched, which promotes dissemination actions in the culture of respect for the care of the entity’s beaches.

It works with the 10 coastal municipalities of Sinaloa with the highest influx of visitors during the Easter holiday period (Ahome, Guasave, Angostura, Navolato, Culiacán, Elota, San Ignacio, Mazatlan, El Rosario and Escuinapa.)

The goal is to keep the 18 priority tourist beaches for this holiday period free of solid waste such as: El Maviri, Las Glorias, Bellavista, Costa Azul, Médano Blanco, Altata, El Tambor, Ponce, Ceuta, Celestino, Bars of Piaxtla, Las Labradas, Seagulls, Lo Pinitos, Caimanero, Teacapán, Las Lupitas, La Tambora.

In the case of certified beaches, it is sought that they do not suffer any type of damage due to solid waste and use of vehicles in these sections, the municipal authorities will be in charge of limiting the vehicular passage in these spaces, there will be a greater presence of cleaning brigades and adequate signage is available to encourage your care.

In addition, COEPRISS conducted studies to monitor the quality of seawater, which are satisfactory for this period of leisure in the Sinaloa recreation destinations.

More than 40 kilometers of the beach will be cleaned with support from the State government, municipal government, civil and organized society and volunteer brigades in each municipality that is joining this Zero Waste campaign.

The busiest days, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April, will be intensified the collaborative work of the 30 cleaning brigades, the municipalities, and the state government; adding a total of one thousand collaborators between volunteers and authorities.

The brigades, in addition to cleaning, will raise awareness among visitors and give them the necessary information on the actions to conserve the beaches.

More than one thousand garbage containers with a capacity of 200 liters and more than 20 containers with a capacity of 20 tons distributed in the different beaches of Sinaloa will be installed.

The garbage trucks will take different routes in the morning and in the afternoon and there will be permanent units for any eventuality.

Brigades of volunteers and municipalities will be provided with a large amount of jumbo black bags to do the cleaning tours. The municipalities were handed between 80 and 200 kilograms of bags. In total, a ton of bags will be distributed for people to deposit the garbage.

Some municipalities such as Guasave, Angostura and Navolato will be giving away bags to visitors at the beach accesses.

In addition, cleaning brigades will be organized with the municipalities and socially responsible companies at the end of the holiday period (Sabritas, Grupo Modelo, hoteliers, and restaurant owners)

As part of the awareness actions, 11 spectacular routes will be installed on the routes leading to the beach destinations and more than 42 banners placed at specific points; In addition, more than 300 spots will be broadcast on local radio stations, inviting Sinaloans to enjoy the beaches and keep them clean.

It should be noted that in the 2018 Campaign there was only presence and coordination on 15 beaches, 277 containers and 7 spectacular ones were installed. Around 25 brigades participated and 814 tons of solid waste were collected on the beaches.

Important: According to the Ministry of Tourism, the expectations for Holy Week are more than 700 thousand visitors at the beach destinations and magical towns in Sinaloa.

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