Mazatlan: Sinkhole opens on the International Highway, at López Mateos


MAZATLÁN.- A sinkhole opened on the International highway to the north, in the south-north lane, at the height of the Soriana Insurgentes store and the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood.

Municipal staff went to the place, transits to divert traffic through the other lane and Public Works personnel to begin the repairs of the case.


Jumapam performs topographic works and bypass system in the International highway socavón

The south-north road is completely closed to vehicular traffic due to the repair work carried out by Jumapam

Mazatlan.- The discomfort of the drivers that circulate along the Mexican Army Avenue almost at the corner of the International Highway, was revealed due to the hole that appeared this morning and congested one of the main road arteries of the city.

Given this situation, from very early personnel of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan delimited the affected area and began with the topographic work and the execution of a bypass system from one visiting well to another.

The crew of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation is also in the affected area, carrying out work and waiting for the pumping system to unclog the sewage collector that passes through it.

The collapse of the drainage collector in that area and the softening of the earth due to the rains, caused this sinkhole that has an area of ​​pavement involvement of almost 5 meters, without specifying the depth, because it is not yet achieved in its all pumping and unwrapping of the area.

Source: pmxportal

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