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Mazatlan Motorcycle Week organizers with fail to musicians

Musicians say that in previous editions there had been no delay in getting paid

Mazatlan, Sin. Tired of waiting for payments, musicians belonging to different local groups raised complain and voice their concerns exclusively for El Sol de Mazatlan they denounced the non- payment by the organizers of the Legendary Motorcycle Week.

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Humberto Santana Acosta, a member of Beggars Banquet, explained that there have been more than six local groups that have been waiting for payment for more than six months for the hours presented at this event; They do not know if the rupture within the organization of the event is related to the fact that they have not been liquidated for their participation.

We are several affected groups, in fact on June 11 we had an appointment with a Motoclub representative, where there he promised to pay all of us, who are mostly local, because the foreigners were already paid. Debts range from 9,000 to 18,000 per day. Usually, we have always addressed the last administration, with the legendary and with them we address

Humberto Santana Acosta

They accepted that from years of experience of many of the events that have been presented in past editions, they trusted who contracted them and did not formally sign a contract, trusting them at their word

Mario Alberto Cruz Crawford, the member of Mazatlan Addiction, explained that they made the deal with Roberto Castañeda and Arturo Andrade, of the Legendary moto group since this occasion was more involved due to the dispute to see who was awarded the event.

There was a legal dispute and the municipal president forced them to participate together. So at this time we are at a point where we do not know who owes us, where both musicians, as part of the staff and security, we are in it, waiting for our payments

Humberto Santana Acosta

They reiterated that making their discontent public was their last option, since they recognize the important economic benefit and the attractiveness that this event represents for Mazatlan, but they got tired of the ‘BULLSHIT’ that they give them, so they decided to raise their voices, in addition to this they hope to prevent that no other group falls into this type of deception.


  • The affected musicians urged the organizers to keep their word, since at this point no group will want to participate in the next event.


Source: el sol de mazatlan

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