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Mazatlan must opt ​​for sustainable tourism

Silvia Michelle Acosta points out the importance of looking for trips that are ‘zero waste’, and also promote the economy in small communities

Mazatlan, Sin. Environmental conditions and climate change must force us to rethink the way in which economic activities are carried out, and one of them and that generates tons of garbage annually, is tourism, which is why places like Mazatlan must bet on sustainability; said, Silvia Michelle Acosta.

The representative of the Network of Sustainable Tourism Communities, mentioned that it is important that tour operators, as well as public institutions, begin to look for models that are on the edge of the global trend of ‘zero waste’, as well as the promotion and support of all those rural areas that have so much to offer.

“It must be managed in a way that is collaborative and social for rural tourism communities. The important thing right now is that municipal governments, state and institutions, and universities, are increasingly sensitized to these issues, since once you motivate people and teach them the value of their culture, community, and gastronomy, the people start to work and participate, and above all take care of their environment. ”

He said that including these natural spaces, where not only the people of the community but the visitor is taught its value, importance, and history, it is possible to create a network of people who now know about these small natural corners and seek to promote them and take care of them, thus creating a sustainable network, because they protect what is now their source of income.

She regretted that tourism focused on exacerbated consumption, has caused deterioration in our environment because, in order to meet high demand, forests are cut down, rivers and seas are exploited, even issues such as environmental impact studies are overlooked.


Tourism, focused on exacerbated consumption causes deterioration in the environment of cities because, in order to meet the high demand, forests are cut down, rivers and seas are exploited, and even environmental impact issues are overlooked.

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