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Rains recorded in Mazatlan wreak havoc in different sectors

Municipal Police, Civil Protection and Firefighters act to help society

Mazatlan, Sininaloa.- Elements of the Municipal Police, Civil Protection and Firefighters Mazatlan, maintain supervision and evacuation of people in various sectors of the port, it was even necessary to enable the classroom of the Ministry of Public Security as a temporary shelter.

At the moment a total of 26 people have been evacuated from their homes in the Jacarandas neighborhood, whose level of the stream channel is approximately 40 percent.

It stands out among the assisted people, one with different abilities in a wheelchair, who was taken with his relatives, for damages in his home.

Among the actions of preventive agents, there is support for motorists who have been stranded on different cruises.

From 3:00 on, the protocols headed by the Operational Director of the Public Security Secretariat were activated.

Some colonies and subdivisions of the north zone of Mazatlan, suffered blackouts and were without power during some minutes of the dawn.

“A world of water has fallen, 224 mm in Rosario and the worst has not come”

Manuel Antonio Pineda, mayor of Rosario said that there are isolated areas due to the overflow of streams

The mayor of Rosario Manuel Antonio Pineda Domínguez, informed that it was not 175 but 224 millimeters that in a span of 2 hours 45 minutes have left the municipality flooded.

“Conagua confirmed that there were 224 millimeters of water, 175 were reported but they confirm that for 2 hours 45 minutes 224 millimeters fell, we had never recorded these rainfall before, it is a world of water,” he said.

He added that he worries that the rain forecast has been extended and the worst part is expected over the weekend, so the alert remains.

He said there are collapsed areas and other incommunicado areas.

“The worrying thing is that they report that the whole weekend will continue to rain, the collapsed areas of the Tierral, Pedro Ibarra, Bonifacio Rojas, Pineda and Valle Nuevo, are low parts. Populations are those that are on the banks of the Baluarte River is Chametla, Proxy, they are incommunicado, since a stream overflowed and the bridge has not been repaired, ”he said.

Pineda Dominguez said that a shelter with eight people and six children was activated and will continue to be evacuated since later it will be very difficult to remove them with the water levels up.

He said that there are collapsed facades of old houses, classes were suspended and government support is expected with food, mats for sheltered people.

Source: linea directa

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