Classes are suspended today throughout Sinaloa due to storm


The Government of Sinaloa confirms that classes are suspended for today, August 22, throughout the State of Sinaloa

Sinaloa .- Minutes after the suspension of classes was confirmed in seven municipalities in southern Sinaloa, the State Government issued a new alert confirming that it will be throughout the State of Sinaloa where classes are suspended today.

Official statement of class suspension throughout the State of Sinaloa

In response to the prevention recommendations of the State Institute of Civil Protection and the National Water Commission ( CONAGUA ) in the event of heavy rains caused by the tropical storm “Ivo”, the Ministry of Public Education and Culture suspends classes in the morning and evening shifts of all levels and educational modalities in the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa.

The Ministry of Public Education of Sinaloa reiterates the call to the educational community to take extreme precautions in the face of this contingency.

Similarly, the general population is requested to be aware of the different notices issued by the National Meteorological Service and the State Institute of Civil Protection of Sinaloa.

Source: el debate

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