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Annual works program proposed by the Government of Mazatlan at 87.5%

MAZATLAN.- The municipal government currently registers an average progress of 87.5 percent in 38 works of the first two public works packages this year, with an investment executed of 31 million 583 thousand 751.73 pesos, said Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

The head of the Municipal Public Works Directorate mentioned that the works are carried out with the resources of the Administration headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and the Contribution Fund for Municipal Social Infrastructure.

He explained that the first package is 12 works with an investment of 12 million 138 thousand 695.48 pesos, while the second has 26 works with an investment of 19 million 445 thousand 056.25 pesos.

The municipal official stressed that these works have been assigned, two by public tender, nine by restricted invitation and 27 by direct award.

«The 38 works have been awarded to 34 different contractors, that is, there is a horizontal distribution of the works, if we refer to their construction by part of the 184 contractors that are in the register of the Municipal Public Works Directorate».

The packages

Of the first package, he explained, the 12 works register an average progress of 95 percent, since 10 are already completed.

«One has practically started paving after the replacement of the drinking water line has been completed, and the other is a primary one in which we made an extension of goals and a bench that was not scheduled, is being built with the savings of that work ».

Garay Velázquez added that the second has an average progress of 70 percent, with just one work completed.

«Only a work that is pending to start, in this work we find that the ownership of the land was not guaranteed and right now it is being verified to be able to start it, and another work is a work that we have started a little late».

He commented that for the third package, with an investment of 70 million pesos between Municipality and State Government, between 37 and 45 works are contemplated, mainly in potable water and sewerage works in the city and the rural area.

«Actually, we have talked about a package of 12 works in the first package and 26 in the second, of 38 works. We are programming ourselves, we are going to say 42 additional works in the third package, which leads to 80 works so far carried out directly by the Municipal Public Works Directorate ».

The head of Public Works said that if this trend continues, there is the certainty of fulfilling the annual works program proposed by the Government of Mazatlan.

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