Crime rates decreasing in Sinaloa


“Crime rates have declined in Sinaloa, since the containment work carried out by the Ministry of Public Security in support of the prosecutor’s office has resulted in the decrease of both types of crimes: homicides and femicides,” said Renato Ocampo Alcántar.

The executive secretary of the State Public Security System declared that they deal with prevention issues, and this way they are able to attend to any type of crime that arises, as national indexes are constantly increasing, Sinaloa is showing a decrease in the number of violent crimes, however much remains to be done.

Ocampo Alcántar said that Public Security works 24 / 7 to be able to give positive results to the people of Sinaloa, in such a way, that part of the activity they carry out as an authority, is a process of recovering the trust of society, and he added citizen participation has been vital to make a big change.

The state official concluded that society and state government must join forces to continue advancing on security issues, and get positive results for the people of our beloved state.

The Mazatlan Post