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Mazatlan Neighborhoods living among sewage; They fear getting sick.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Since the rains began, the neighbors of these colonies live among the sewage and even if they have reported it, the problem is not addressed and now they fear for their health.

It is due to the overflow of the sewer located on Papagayo street, almost in front of the Meteorológico, located in the Juan Carrasco neighborhood.

But the problem of pestilent and constant flooding of drainage is not only there. The wastewater flow runs through Teófilo Noris street, passes through the independence colony and will unload into the Infiernillo to the estuary.

There are dozens of houses in that area. And hundreds of people who say they can no longer stand the bad smells, so they require the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage to work immediately to end the focus of contamination and infection in which they are found.

For some years there were no such problems, perhaps when it was raining through rain connections, but not on days when a single drop of water has not fallen. The drain is constant rain or not.

There are those who say that sometimes pieces of bread come out through the sewer because the force of the water causes it to rise and remain semi-open.

What they are afraid of is suffering from illness due to contamination, so they insist that JUMAPAM should solve the problem immediately.

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