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12 municipalities in Sinaloa lack investors/investments!

Mazatlan accounts for 69 percent of the State’s investments, which represents more than 6 billion pesos

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

The uncertainty that exists among investors at the level has had an impact on Sinaloa, because so far this year there are 12 municipalities of the entity that have not received a single investment, revealed Javier Lizárraga Mercado, head of the Ministry of Economy of Sinaloa.

“There are about 12 municipalities that have not received investment in the seven months (of the year), small municipalities focus on the mining issue; already received (investment) for example, Cósala, Mocorito, El Rosario, of which I can remember right now, ”he said.

“I have declared it, there is an issue of caution from investors, that is happening throughout the country, Sinaloa is no exception. I think that is what he has to return: trust if there is no confidence in the investment, because there are hardly any new projects, ”he said.

The state official said that during the first quarter of the year in the state investments amounted to 9 thousand 605 million pesos of private investment, “of which Mazatlan took as 6 thousand 670 million.”

“That represents almost 69 percent. Of course, it does generate a bit of concern because there are 17 other municipalities that would interest us a lot, ”he said.

Lizárraga Mercado pointed out that Culiacán is on the list, but that the state capital is entering an “investment impasse” due to the oversupply.

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