Video shows contradictions in the case of rape by police officers in CDMX


Videos of security cameras do not corroborate the version of the teenager who reported being raped by capital police; the Attorney General confirms inconsistencies with a statement.

The images obtained by security cameras would evidence the irregularities in the statement of the 17-year-old who accused police officers of Mexico City of having sexually raped her.

According to the statement of the teenager, the events occurred at dawn on August 3 while returning from a party.

The young woman and four friends were returning from a party aboard a taxi; The girl was left a block and a half from her home, then she walked to her home and when she noticed a patrol that circulated in the same direction as her, she decided to ring a bell to pretend it was her home.

He said he saw four police officers on the patrol and one of them asked him where he was going, while another said they would take her home; the young woman refused the proposal of the uniformed.

The girl tells that one of the police took her arm and raised her to the back of the vehicle to attack her, then they lowered her from the patrol car and the young woman began to ring the bell again until 10 minutes later other patrols arrived.

The news program En Punto, of Televisa, obtained access to the recordings of two security cameras located at the site of the alleged aggression; A camera caught a vehicle stopping at the corner of San Sebastian Street, a young woman is seen getting off the car and talking for a short time with someone inside the vehicle.

Then the teenager walks alone towards Wake Street and in the image, you can see how a white van passes first and then a Caravan.

With the second camera, you can see how the two vans pass and seconds later, the young woman appears to stop at a home. Three minutes later, the young woman appears again in the image, stays a few moments and returns to the door of the house.

According to the search of the camera, six minutes later a patrol car appears that circulates at full speed and when he notices the young woman he turns back. Two officers get off the vehicle and talk to the girl, while another officer properly parks the patrol. Two minutes later two more patrols appear on the scene and then a pick-up; In total, eight uniforms are observed in the image.

All the facts observed on camera occur in front of the home where the young woman declared that she had been ringing the bell, but they never opened it.

Approximately 20 minutes later an ambulance appears on the scene, from which four paramedics who escort the young woman to the ambulance descend.

For half an hour, only two patrols remain on the street; 10 minutes later, when the camera showed 3:21 hours, an ambulance escorted by two private cars can be observed, where the young woman was transferred to the Public Ministry.

The capital authorities explained that the investigations in this case continue and that they have been extended just before the young woman arrived at her home because they do not find clarity as to why they left her a block and a half from her home.

Facts do not match statements of young: Attorney

The Attorney General of Mexico City determined that after the field investigations for the complaint of the young woman allegedly violated by elements of the capital police in Azcapotzalco, the evidence, moments, circumstances, place and facts do not coincide with the statements for the victim

In a press conference, the spokesman for the agency, Ulises Lara López, stressed, however, that the investigations will continue, “until the last consequences in this fact to reach the culprits.”

He noted that since the complaint of the young woman for the events of August 3, the agency acted immediately, efficiently and in accordance with the law, and practiced all the proceedings that led to having evidence in search of clarification of the case.

This, he said, watching at all times for the rights of direct and indirect victims, prioritizing the rights of minors, “since, for this institution the crimes committed in grievances of women, children are considered as priorities” .

He said that all field investigations were conducted such as interviews, video collection, radio recordings, official vehicles, and telephone calls, in particular, all medical and psychological expert studies.

The capital official said that in particular, the obtaining of the body’s DNA and the victim’s garments were carried out immediately and that all the evidence collected and opinions were carried out under the corresponding protocols, protected under the chain of custody that works in the research folder.

He said he made available to the Human Rights Commission of the capital, with which he collaborates in the case so that he observes the correct application of the procedures of this unit.

In sum, with the information that is available, it was announced, it was determined that the moment, circumstances, place, and facts do not coincide with what was declared by the victim; however, we will continue investigating until the last consequences in this fact to arrive to the guilty ones.

Lara López reiterated the invitation to the young woman’s family and herself, if she wishes, to contribute more elements that serve to strengthen the investigation of these facts, and emphasized that the Attorney General’s Office will continue to act with legality, efficiency, legal certainty, objectivity and with attachment to human rights of women, girls and boys.

Source: Televisa News, Notimex

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