Mazatlan Bio-wall stops piles of garbage … and even furniture!


The Department of Ecology invites citizens to join in eliminating the waste trapped in this trap

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The intense rain that fell early Wednesday, caused the bio-wall of the Juarez Bridge to stop up to six times more garbage than a normal day, lamented Gabriel Gaxiola Peraza, head of the Department of Environmental Education of the Directorate of Municipal Ecology.

The municipal official notified that this day it was possible to find a large accumulation of garbage in this trap, from plastics and different remains of fauna and flora to coolers and furniture.

“I think that now it has been the second strongest rain, the previous one was not as significant in terms of garbage, in the other rain we did not take out as much garbage as we are now,” he said.

Therefore, he invited the general public to join in voluntarily removing the waste, because although there is a fisherman in the area responsible for doing this work, it is not supplied with such a volume of waste.

“If there can be volunteers who can help clean it, it would be great, because right now I feel that they haven’t made any noise to the garbage, it’s still coming out a lot,” he said.

According to previous statistics, each week this bio-wall catches 225 kilograms on average, that is, more than 32 kg per day.

Source: reaccion informativa

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