From ‘place of deer’ to cosmopolitan beach destination


Having one of the largest stretches of beach in Mexico, it is not surprising that Mazatlan offers such an enviable variety of beach experiences.

Surfers will find great waves, while bathers can relax in lonely stretches of golden sand. If you are looking for unpretentious elegance in a romantic setting, this is absolutely the holiday destination you’re looking for.

The hotel zone is framed by the majestic Sierra Madre and offers golden beaches, fresh seafood and natural beauty.

For its pristine beaches and sumptuous hotels, and for the picturesque estates of old Mazatlan, anybody who visits this city and enjoys swimming, surfing, sightseeing and lively nightlife, inevitably falls in love with this beautiful port.

Mazatlán, meaning ‘place of deer’ in the Nahuatl language, was a sleepy fishing village until the early 19th century when it began its transformation into a bustling port receiving vessels from as far away as Asia and Europe.

The 1930s saw tourism take hold as a major industry, and by the 1970s the sprawling, tourist-tacky Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) was in full swing, finally declining as visitors moved on to other Mexican resort towns like Acapulco.

However, in recent years, Mazatlán has undergone a renaissance thanks to a sensitive restoration movement that has helped preserve and revamp the old town’s beautiful colonial district and historic buildings.

Mazatlan, the northern-most ocean facing city on the Mexican Riviera, has long been a favorite vacation spot for Mexican families.

Thousands of American, Canadian and European retirees are choosing Mazatlán as their new residence, and the port is going through a notorious metamorphosis, turning it into one of the most cosmopolitan beach destinations in the Americas.

You’re still on time to book your trip to Mazatlan this summer!

The Mazatlan Post Newsroom