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Morena, López Obrador’s party, moves towards “a Stalinist type model, like a ‘soviet'”

The substitute senator Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán warned about the current leadership of the organization, whom he accused of being a “clique” that does not hide his identity and sympathy for the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes

Rojas Díaz Durán busca la dirigencia nacional de Morena (Foto: Isaac Esquivel/ Cuartoscuro)
Rojas Díaz Durán busca la dirigencia nacional de Morena 

National Regeneration Movement (Morena), the party that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, founded in 2011 and that obtained the official registration in 2014, has a “chavista” and authoritarian faction with sympathies for the Cuban and Venezuelan regime that his Members do not hide.

This was noted by one of the candidates to head the party organization,  Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, in an interview with Infobae Mexico.

“Inside Morena, there are two lines or visions: one is an exclusive, authoritative line, with a Chavista tufo, which does not hide its identity and sympathy, in addition, for the Cuban regime and the Venezuelan regime,” said Rojas, 61.

For Rojas Díaz Durán, a Morena faction does not hide his sympathy for Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro (Photo: Archive)

According to the former secretary of Tourism of Mexico City during the government of Marcelo Ebrard (2006-2012), this group ” will move forward in a Chavista model, which is dangerous for the country.”

“I am opposed to Morena being an instrument of the party’s authoritarian line, which wants to impose a regime that removes freedoms as happened in Tabasco, ” said Rojas, who referred to the so-called  “Garrote Law” in that Mexican state that entered effective August 1.

The legislation, which condemns up to 20 years in prison to those who block the streets of the entity, through demonstrations, or impede the execution of public works, was harshly criticized for preventing the freedom of assembly and expression established by the Mexican Constitution.

Rojas was expelled from Morena in May, but the Electoral Court restored his affiliation a few weeks later (Photo: Isaac Esquivel / Cuartoscuro)

And it is that Rojas Díaz Durán is one of the few critics inside Morena who accepts without blushing the qualifier of “dissident”. Between March and May, after harshly criticizing the party leadership, headed by  Yeidckol Polevnsky, the alternate senator was expelled from the organization.

In addition, his partisan rights were suspended for three years, but the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch of the Federation revoked Morena’s decision and reinstated it a few weeks later.

When he faced the process of his possible expulsion, Rojas wrote a text where he argued that Polevnsky and his “tougher and more mature factional clique”, by Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan dictator, wanted to censor him.

“He wants to turn off the light of freedom to take us into the darkness of totalitarian terror. We cannot allow it. I am sure that the vast majority of those in Morena do not want to imitate any political regime in the world,” he said.

In 2012, Polevnsky, as senator of the PRD, celebrated the 86th birthday of Fidel Castro Ruz at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico (Photo: Juan Pablo Zamora / Cuartoscuro)

The state adviser of Morena in Mexico City also stressed that he is especially concerned about the Political Formation Institute of the organization. “It can deviate from the purpose, which is integral political formation, not dogmatization or fanaticization of young people,” he explained.

“We must increase their knowledge of universal political philosophy, not just tell them that ‘Che’ Guevara is more mop than (José María) Morelos, ” he added.

“Even the CNTE (National Coordinator of Education Workers, a dissident union) wants to distribute teaching materials,” he said.

However, even the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) warned that no organization other than the National Commission of Free Textbooks can distribute such materials legally. The intention of the CNTE was to reach some 6,000 schools in Michoacán, Oaxaca and other states with contents about the Cuban Revolution and Carlos Marx.

The succession of Morena

Polevnsky, along with Mario Delgado, another of the candidates for the leadership of Morena (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

After in 2018 Morena extended his mandate to Polevnsky for another year, the new process within the party has four possible candidates: in addition to the current president and Rojas Díaz Durán, Mario Delgado, the coordinator, would also participate in the process of the party in the Chamber of Deputies and Bertha Luján, who heads the Moren National Council.

But, according to Rojas, ” the process is totally undemocratic and very exclusive .” “A mass party like Morena, the most popular in the history of Mexico, wants to make a Stalinist model, such as a ‘Soviet’, or a Cuban model, with many leaders to control the masses,” he said.

The alternate senator explained that the process to elect the new national leader of Morena has been vitiated since its inception, since Polevnsky and the current leadership seek to use the 2017 standard, regardless of those who joined in 2018 and 2019.

“Those who have been before the 2018 presidential elections are considered pure because their argument is that at that time it was not known if López Obrador was going to win,” which ended up happening in July last year. ” After winning the election they sent the membership to a close because they wanted to join half a million to the party and Polevnsky said they were opportunists,” he completed.

Although he will elect a new president in November, Morena does not have an official register by the INE (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

This August 18 Morena will announce the call for the process, but, according to Rojas, the register is not updated before the National Electoral Institute (INE), so it is not currently known who can participate or not in the selection of the partisan structure.

In September, the party will hold the 300 district assemblies, one for each federal section in which the country is divided, to obtain 10 militants for each district, who in October will elect the representatives who will travel to the National Congress, where finally, the November 20, they will vote for the new morenista leader .

“Only they (the current leaders) will decide the structures down because Morena has no organization from below, it was only born so that López Obrador came to the Presidency,” Rojas said.

Alejandro Rojas’ proposal for the internal election of Morena is that a citizen consultation be carried out with the support of the INE (Photo: Nacho Ruiz / Cuartoscuro)

” It is illegal that they want to use a standard of two years ago, even the party statutes indicate that the affiliation cannot be closed until 30 days before the leadership is renewed. They do not want to incorporate the seven million who joined in the last two years, only the three and a half million that were before, “said the former assemblyman in the Mexican capital.

For Rojas Díaz Durán, the Morena leadership “believes that militants are fools” and that ” there is a lot of pride and electoral legal ignorance .” “Morena doesn’t know what standard she will use: we don’t know who we are, how many we are or where we are,” he said.

The candidate said he will challenge the process when he begins, due to these irregularities. His proposal is that Morena organize a “popular consultation” open to militants and non-militants, following the principles of the party and that professes López Obrador to “listen to the people”, with the help of the INE “to count the votes”.

The 2021 elections

Morena will be played mostly in the midterm elections of 2021 (Photo: Mario Jasso / Cuartoscuro)

For Rojas Díaz Durán, the elections within Morena will determine the success or failure of the party in the 2020 elections and, above all, the 2021 midwayers, when 13 governors will be renewed and the majority of Morena will be put into play in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The bad operation of Morena in this trait can put us in danger: how to ask the vote of people that you are going to exclude from the election process in the party when we seek your vote in 2021?” He questioned.

“The agrarian leaders, social, popular, are pragmatic, if they do not get what they want, they will go to the position. If we do not win the majority in 2021, it will be the ‘Waterloo’ of López Obrador, ” he said.

The performance of López Obrador in his first eight months

Rojas Díaz Durán ruled out that the Mexican president has an interest in the internal process of Morena (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

For the candidate for the presidency of Morena, the national president “does not want to know anything” about the party he founded. ” His influence is going to be virtually nil in the elections within the party, ” he said.

The substitute senator advised López Obrador that “with all due respect, assume the investiture of head of state … That is what he lacks, that he stops polarizing the country,” he said.

“There is a ‘presidentialization’ of politics, everything revolves around Andrés, it is causing society to move away and not participate in the construction of the new political regime.” Instead of concluding the agreement, his way of exercising the presidency is not conciliatory It does not generate consensus, what it does is polarize with various actors, “he added.

” It was voted for the hope of a change and we have not lived up to it, ” he concluded, stressing that this can be used by the opposition to regroup and capitalize on social unrest.

Source: infobae

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