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AMLO bank approved will compete with private banking

The good news is still around the poorest sectors of Mexico and it was announced that the Bank of Welfare will begin to work for the people instead of the  National Savings and Financial Services Bank  (Bansefi), this, with the In order to provide better economic policies to the people, remember that President AMLO had been announcing this measure days ago.

This new banking entity will have as main initiative the  functions of social banking , to facilitate procedures such as the acquisition of credits, savings and financing in optimal conditions and of course a large platform at the technological level that provides more comfort to the user when making Your transactions

It is worth mentioning that the decree published by the president states that different social programs will be carried out hand in hand with the bank to greatly help the neediest population throughout the country in order to eradicate poverty in the areas With few resources and having the possibility to opt for good services thanks to the help of the bank.

Undoubtedly, this decision continues within the framework of what was promised by Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the arrival of 4Q and the change that Mexico believes much need, especially at the economic and social level to boost their development in an optimal way hand of public and private investment plans that provide stability in that sector throughout the country.

Source: polemon, mexico.news

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