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Mazatlan Mayor Alerts citizens of telephone extortion attempts

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that those who extort use phone numbers from other states

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Criminal Traffic Light indicates that in Mazatlan there are red spots on the issue of extortion by telephone, and this was confirmed by the municipal president himself, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres who recognized this situation.

The First Edil said that it is the only area where the red lights indicators jump because in all the others they have been able to go down.

“We bring red bulbs in telephone extortion that this is very difficult to control but in everything else we are going down. Surely every day we will decrease these rates because the promised alert button starts Monday to work, ”he said.

Benítez Torres said that these extortionists are from other places, not necessarily from Mazatlan, because the telephone numbers they use have calls from other states.

“To all kinds of people, but the truth is that this happens from foreign phones; many times they are not local people or they buy phones outside I don’t know, but it is very difficult to locate them, ”he said.

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