BBVA, the first bank in the world to eliminate tellers; Cash transactions can only be carried out through an ATM.


The practice has been encouraged throughout Mexico

The digital era has undoubtedly come to revolutionize the way to realize our personal affairs as deposits, pay a tax, a fine or go through the box, as we usually do. All this has been left aside in the new branch model that BBVA began to implement in Spain.

According to information from El Confidencial , the entity has begun to communicate to its customers that as of September these operations can only be done through the ATM, without dialogue with employees.

This was known through the letters that the bank is sending to its clientele to realize that “there are going to be some changes in the operation of the Cash Service.”

“They will cease to perform window operations that involve handling cash, both coins, and bills.” In this way, deposits and withdrawals, payments or taxes and other operations.

For this reason, the bank invited its account holders to use the more than 6,000 ATMs available in the Iberian country and allow 92% of customer transactions to be made easily and at any time.

He also realizes that official sources of the banking group in Spain argue that the disappearance of this traditional provision responds to an update of the offices to the uses of customers since 50% of which they claim are already digital. They also indicate that it is a decision that affects a minority percentage of branches.

Source: forbes mx

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