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Women who change the course of Mexican Cuisine

This is the story of four experts who have opened their own path in the world of gastronomy. In each dish the passion that lives in them is present.

The tradition delighted in Nicos, María Elena Lugo’s restaurant; the handmade touch of Celia Florián in Las Quince Letras; Mariana Valencia’s contemporary label in Cocina M, and the audacity that Mafer Tejada, pioneer of mixology in Mexico, conveys in each drink, proved to be an unrepeatable combination that will remain in memory. She’s Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz platform that seeks to give voice and tell the success stories of brave women, invited these four experts in flavor to an adventure through paradise.

María Elena Lugo, from Nicos. (Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

The beginning could not be more significant when arriving aboard a dazzling Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV, whose security level is unquestionable with its 27 security systems. She’s Mercedes guests traveled comfortably in this large SUV with fully folding seats electronically in the second of its three rows.

Xochimilco was the place chosen to make food impregnated with stories. Dawn showed its splendor when they were already on a trajinera adorned with colorful flowers that would take them to one of the hundred Chinesempas, where they prepared their specialties with freshly harvested and organically grown ingredients.

Celia Florián, from Las Quince Letras. (Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

The beauty of the channels embraced by the trees was the scene that enchanted the look, while the palate prepared to delight with dishes with the seal of each of the guests. Angel hair and guava tie made with his grandmother’s recipe, were the exquisite proposal of María Elena. “The secret in the kitchen is joy, when there is laughter, everything goes well. It is an attitude towards life, ”said the chef wisely, who has 62 years of career.

The mixologist Mafer Tejada. (Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

“Every person who goes to the restaurant is special and deserves to be honored with what we prepare with so much love,” said Mariana, whose excellent seasoning was demonstrated in chubby bathed in Xanducata sauce. This feeling of gratitude is also perceived in the words of Celia Florián: “Success feels good, but without ego; is to know that there is a constant challenge that leads us to demand more and share what we know, ”said the woman with magical hands who have the ability to prepare one of the most famous moles in Mexico.

Mariana Valencia, by Cocina M. (Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

Drinks were in charge of Mafer, a young woman of just 29 years, but with overflowing talent that has led her to be the first woman to win the World Class Mexico in 2015. “At first I did not know if mixology was something to which I could dedicate myself and live on that, but when I started working and fell in love with this profession, there was no doubt, ”the architect also recalled.

A toast to the delicious work of María Elena, Celia, Mariana and Mafer. (Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

When it was time to go to the table, in the atmosphere that peculiar sensation was perceived in a place where everyone is welcome. Trying each creation was a show spiced up with talks and laughter from four women who represent themselves with courage, perseverance and the security of knowing that from their trench they are building what was once just a dream.

The four guests returned home in a luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé truck. 
(Photo: Vianney Sandoval 

After the exquisite work they did that day, María Elena, Celia, Mariana and Mafer returned to the mainland in a luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé SUV, whose sports design does not go unnoticed with its 557 hp, AMG high-performance sports braking system and lane change detector. That was the end of that journey through Xochimilco that brought together four spirits full of life. 

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