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Visit Durango’s archeological site of “La Ferrería”

La Ferrería is an archaeological site located 7 kilometers south of the City of Durango, at the “Cerro de La Ferrería”, right by the Río Tunal.

In the surrounding areas of the region, Mesquite and Aloe are the main plants and trees found, and the fauna comprises hares, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, squirrel and lizards.

The first inhabitants of this region were the Nahua, nomads from the North of the continent, two thousand years ago. During the postclassical period the city was occupied by Zacatecas people and their tepehuanos contemporaries, from the southeast of the Guadiana Valley up to region today known as “Nombre de Dios”.

La Ferrería was first inhabited by a group that basically subsisted from farming corn, beans and squash, and were hunter-gatherers to complete their diet. Because of its proximity to the Tunal river, it is assumed that hunting and fishing were common activities. It has been detected that the site was occupied several times between the years 875 and 1450.

Some of the findings made at this archaeological site are: circular ritual spaces, bird bones and stone rings, that provide indications of ties with cultures of the American southwest and especially with Paquimé, which could hypothetically mean or suggest a fusion between late northern Mesoamerican cultures and the American southwest.

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