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Sinaloa ‘La Noria Mi Pueblo Querido’ will celebrate the first anniversary of gastronomy expo

MAZATLÁN.- On Sunday, August 11, they will celebrate in the community of La Noria, the first anniversary of the gastronomic and artisanal tianguis “La Noria Mi Pueblo Querido”.

At a press conference, the undersecretary of State Tourism Promotion and Operation, Sylvia Ruiz Coppel, stressed that it is a totally family event, inviting society in general to know the beauty and history of the rural area of ​​Mazatlan and enjoy Its exquisite cuisine.

In turn, the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries, David González Torrentera, said that the good results generated with the first anniversary of the tianguis “EXPO” are thanks to citizen participation, support from the municipality, and the Secretariat of Tourism, among other institutions that have made this achievement a reality.

He said that a spill of just over a million pesos has been generated and the visit of more than 24 thousand people during the time they have been running. The tianguis “EXPO” was the preamble to start the tourist circuit La Noria-Mazatlan, which will be inaugurated next Sunday, with the purpose of diversifying the tourist offer of the municipality, he added.

For his part, the secretary of Social Tourism of the Sectur, Trinidad Osuna Lizárraga, mentioned that the work developed by the people of La Noria is an example of what can be done to cause better things, in addition that they have been a sample for the realization of other tianguis, such as those in Concordia and Ahome.

The Sunday program, the president of the gastronomic tianguis committee, Pilar Ramírez, will begin at 7 in the morning with a cyclist, in addition to an alley that will take place at 10:15 through different streets of La Noria, to conclude in the headquarters of the tianguis.

La Noria is a community that is located about half an hour north of Mazatlan.

Also in the press conference were the vice president of the committee, Marisol Lizárraga, and Ing., Alfonso Pelayo, support of the promotion of the tianguis.

Source: secture sinaloa, pmxportal

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