Do you feel your meal is a little light? Uber Eats delivery people could be eating it


The confession was taken from the delivers themselves

The Uber Eats distributors may be eating part of their order before delivering it, according to a study conducted by US Foods that revealed the above, confessed by the same distributors. Report brought by Forbes Mexico, with love, little girl.

The survey was conducted in the American Union with 500 food distributors of the Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates applications, a result that 28% (yes, almost 1 in 3) accepted to have taken a bite or two of the orders of the clients, and that is the percentage of those who accepted to have done it, imagine the result that would come with a polygraph.

The above constitutes a phobia of many people and the fact that, in fact, someone outside your family touches your food with dirty and sweaty hands, confirms that dreams and your worst fears are always fulfilled, and more seconds.

The same study asked customers of the applications “how annoying they would feel if a deliveryman took some fries along the way”, the customers gave an average response of 8.4 out of 10, that is, they would be angry at very bolted.

The solution that the platform is assessing is that companies and restaurants put labels in their containers so that they are sealed and it is possible to know if the order was handled, although another possible way out of their humble server is to smell the mouth of the deliveryman At the time you deliver the order.

Source: forbes

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