Alerts issued for Snakes on beaches of El Maviri Sinaloa


The Tourist Police asks the population to respect the life of these species, since they are in their natural habitat, and in case of emergency they call 911

Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- The presence of vipers on El Maviri Island has put visitors on alert. Citizens who found one of these snakes ask to be careful especially when going to the sandhill. 

“The Maviri is hot and sandy, conducive to the development of the rattlesnake, in addition to other types of snakes such as chicoteras, which call them water ones; and the boas; They are a type of boas that in the region, we know them as Limacoas, ”said Donaldo Reyes.

The head of the Tourist Police based in El Maviri stressed that the invaders of nature are human beings and that these animals are in their natural habitat, but do not attack except when they feel threatened.

“The rattlesnake I have seen it personally. I clarify that this season I have not seen them, but last year I had to look at three or four copies and when they notice the presence of one, they retire, tend to hide, ”he said.


The denunciation of the presence of vipers on the island of El Maviri was first made known on social networks.

The user who found a specimen alerted visitors to be careful when going to this place, especially the sandhills, where these snakes live.

Given this, the head of the Tourist Police called on citizens to respect the life of these animals.

Do not hurt them, take them back so they can continue with their normal life. ”

He added that it is not enough to be cautious and take care of children.

Be careful and that wherever we go, let’s be alert where we step and what we grab, or where we settle more than anything. ”


Donaldo Reyes reported that these snakes are in the protected natural area, where there is supposed to be no access for visitors. The place is reached by lowering the bridge and turning right, where the Tourist Police is located, towards the bottom towards the sandhill. 

“We must also emphasize that there are too many people attending El Maviri and there are very few elements that take care of the beach, and in what we take the tour we already have people within that area. It is a conservation area protected by Conanp and Profepa to be taking care of the species and vegetation of the area. ” 

He mentioned that snakes have never seen where bathers are concentrated. 

The head of the Tourist Police urged visitors to speak in an emergency case to 911.

Hence they speak to us directly. There are elements of the Tourist Police that are trained in the collection and release of these types of animals, ”he said.

Source: el debate

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