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What was the “Longaniza Gate” and why it caused controversy among Mexicans

According to the Annual Program of Acquisitions, leases, and services of the public sector, the presidential family would pay thousands and thousands of pesos for sausage and other products of the pantry

It is called “Longaniza Gate” and is one of the most controversial issues it has caused in recent days.

Since he began his government, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decreed a severe cut in spending and investment of public money; however, the measure does not seem to apply in the presidential family pantry.

A document on the Annual Program of Acquisitions, Leases and Services , published by the senator of the PAN, Julen Rementería, uncovered the quite high prices of some products, among which the budget of more than 335,000 pesos to buy 20 units of sausage of first. 

The program also includes 458,000 pesos of eastern white fish, 125,000 pesos of white potatoes and 97,000 pesos of guava. 

Based on pages 53.62, 66 and 67 of the program, the following exorbitant prices stand out: 150,000 pesos of smoked turkey ham; 10,000 pesos in strawberry, vanilla, and Neapolitan flavored ice cream; 3,013 pesos in a kilo of turkey ham and 1,296 a box with 200 matches. 

According to the list, the presidency budgeted more than 335.00 pesos to buy 20 units of sausage first in this 2019 (Photo: Twitter @ JulenRementería)

Excessive costs unleashed a storm on social networks, so the Office of the President of the Republic clarified that these prices come from the previous government, that is, the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto proposed that these inputs be acquired at exorbitant prices, but e The López Obrador government has not bought anything yet. 

Meanwhile, the general director of material resources and general services of the government, Jael Hernández, clarified that this budget can be modified and even canceled. “This program is not properly the budget that is exercised and justified,” details a circular issued by the official.

The documents disseminated in social networks are not purchased invoices but bidding processes, that is, the list only represents a budgeted estimate and not expenses.

A circular issued by the 4T details that said budget can be modified and even canceled (Photo: Presidency of the Republic)

In social networks , Internet users “tuned” the current administration, which since last December 1 carried out a series of cuts in public spending in almost all sectors of government.

Users on social networks criticized the current government, which since last December 1 promised to end the waste of the bureaucracy (Photo: Twitter)

Fewer resources for the government and more spending for the vulnerable population. That is the promise that Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented since the beginning of his administration.

(Photo: Twitter)

Comilona increases: cuts public sectors 

The  Republican austerity is one of the key commitments of the presidential project of  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. According to the president, his imposed budgetary measures eliminate the privileges that the public administration has had during six years to the detriment of the poorest population.

In pursuit of such austerity, Tabasco has cut the budget to the cultural, research, sports, and health sector. In seven and a half months of government, Obrador has radically reduced government costs. Thousands of federal workers have been laid off and those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs suffered drastic cuts to their wages and benefits.

In one of its latest publications, the  Washington Post noted that public hospitals in the country are canceled surgeries and forest fires have spread without anyone being able to stop them because the cost reduction has resulted in neither material nor personal enough. Thus, this is one of the most characteristic features of the  Fourth Transformation of López Obrador.

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