Mazatlan: Carpa Olivera becomes public toilets


* The toilets are closed * They 
leave trash everywhere

Of sadness, this is how the natural pool Carpa Olivera is located, one of the biggest attractions of Mazatlan.

Days ago complaints were filed by locals who denounced the lack of cleanliness in that area.

Today the pool has exceeded the limits of dirt, full of garbage, food, plastics and in the absence of public toilets until fecal wastes were found. Tourists ran away when they encountered such a deplorable situation.

“I come from Torreón Coahuila and I came straight to visit the pool, it is very pretty but it is too dirty I did not think to find myself poop,” said the tourist.

“You come to enjoy the holidays not to be smelling these things,” said the tourist.

People ask the municipal government to attend that area since it is in very bad conditions.

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The Mazatlan Post

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