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Mazatlan Pulmonia drivers approve sanction against a driver who overcharged some tourist

The drivers of the pulmonia units said that their partner exceeded the charge since for a one-hour ride 280 pesos are charged, instead, he charged 400 for an hour

Mazatlan, Sin.- After a driver of public transport of pulmonias in Mazatlan was suspended from his work and sanctioned for tourist abuse in the collection of the ticket, the union assured that the sanction applied was fair, since the guidelines and the norms that are had.

In an opinion poll, the pulmonias said that his partner applied an excessive charge, since the fair is 40 to 80 pesos depending on the route that the passenger wanted, and in a city tour about an hour is 280 pesos, in change his colleague applied a charge of 400 pesos per hour, which gave a sum of 1,200 pesos for three hours.    

“We only have to accept the punishment that is put on it, we live on tourism and we must respect a fair rate.”

“All of us who have been working for years, we all know that the excessive charges we know will punish us, but the truth is that the partner did exceed.”

Likewise, the drivers of the pulmonia units said that there is a lack of willingness and better communication by the users since they have sometimes been victims of misunderstandings because when they enter the unit the tourists change the route and that implies that the driver changes the rate previously agreed upon.    

“More communication is missing, but it is recommended that the user asks before jumping in.”

“You can not believe everything to the tourist, and sometimes when you charge a price he says they charged another. It already happened to me on one occasion, on the way they changed my route, and they became very expensive, you told me that you were going to charge me this, yes I said, but I am charging this because you changed my route ” .

The prices of public transport such as taxis, aurigas, and pulmonias are displayed in different sectors, whether hotels and restaurants where the vacationer is aware of the costs that are handled, so you must respect and not abuse the user, they said the drivers.

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