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Decrease spending of cruise ship passengers visiting Mazatlan

Ship visitors leave around 54 dollars a day each during their stay; Does Mazatlan lacks more variety in tourist attractions?

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As long as there are no more and new tourist attractions in Mazatlan, shipping visitors will not increase the average spending during their stay at the destination; considered Alfonso Gil Díaz.

The director of special projects of the Ministry of Tourism said that until a few months ago cruise passengers who went down to the port spent an average of $ 60 each, and according to the latest study by the Brea company, it is now $ 54, in An average of six hours.

He recalled that previously the Bank of Mexico conducted surveys in the Integral Port Administration, today the study is done by this company in all ports of Mexico and abroad.

With devaluations, they spend less money, in addition to the last docking port of the ship is also where they spend more, such as Cozumel and Los Cabos.

Gil diaz

Gil Díaz said that according to this study of this company, Mazatlan is very good in terms of tours, equal or better than Vallarta, but more variety is required, both in the city and in the rural area.

He pointed out that many tourists take tours in vehicles that they have previously hired, however, there are others who do so in particular, they take transportation such as taxis and pulmonias, and many more do so walking along the blue line.

He added that the Mexican port that receives the most cruise ships and where they spend up to 100 dollars each, is Cozumel.

In the case of national tourists, during the summer holiday period of the previous year, the average expenditure was around 2,000 pesos a day.


$ 54 a day is spent on a tourist cruise in Mazatlan.

$ 60 spent every tourist cruise a day last year.


During the months of August and September, Mazatlan will receive one cruise per week, with around 3 thousand passengers each.

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