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Mexiquillo or Busted! (VIDEO)

Mexiquillo is a natural park located west of the state of Durango, Mexico in the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo, on the Sierra Madre Occidental. It is the most visited natural site in the state and one of the most attractive in all of Mexico.

The park has an area of ​​13,475 hectares, of which 152.75 hectares are virgin forest part of an ecological reserve. Waterfalls, a system of ravines, natural tunnels, numerous rock formations and a dense coniferous forest with endemic species of the region such as Pinus durangensis and Pinus engelmannii can be found throughout the park.

A lot of ecotourism and adventure activities such as camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking, and even mountaineering, are practiced in the park by visitors.

Although it has not been designated as a national park or a natural monument yet, it is constituted as a high mountain tourist center and has accommodation services close to the town of La Ciudad, located near the park.

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