Mazatlan citizens criticize the city for constant cancellation of events


The most recent case is the Playa Norte water park, which much has been said about whether it will open to the public

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The cancellation of events, projects and tourist attractions that have tried to be carried out in the port, which the city hall of Mazatlan has not allowed, as is the case of the water park in the North Beach area, shows little interest from the mayor for the opportunity to generate more and new jobs, citizens said.

Interviewed this Friday, some of the ordinary citizens and even tourists criticized the slowdown of investments for the port, although there are those who applaud it to avoid affecting the natural environment of the area.

“The truth is that I do not agree, because in any case, the crime does not end, because even if the city cancels, cancels and cancels events the crime remains the same, then the loss of tourism growth.”

“On the one hand it is wrong because it is losing jobs there, it is blocking jobs.”

However, although there are people who disagree with the measures that the municipality is taking, there are others who support the measure of the city, since this park, they point out, has effects on the ecosystem.

“On the one hand it is fine because it is not affecting the ecosystem so much with that project that is like a water park for example.”

“I personally, I am completely against the execution of a project of this nature, without environmental regulations.”

They mentioned that the use of blockers, plastics and the massive visit of tourists make that beach area polluted, but on the side of tourists, they commented that it is good that there are different attractions every time, since many of them visit the port every year.

cancelled events by Mazatlan officials

Why are there so many events canceled in Mazatlan? The ‘Mayor’ explains why

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that the way in which the permits were requested was cloudy, so it will be necessary to have everything in order to seek to organize an event in the port

After the cancellation of the Venados of Mazatlan (behind closed doors), the concert of singer-songwriter Pancho Barraza , the La Kermés MX Festival , the Fish Fair , the Bullfightand the recent decree to eliminate The support of the Mazatlan FeliArt Book Fair for “unclear” management of its resources, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres explained what this situation obeys.

And it is that the first mayor said that the ways in which events were organized on previous occasions was with shady paperwork and questionable way of obtaining permits.

“It was not little (corrupt), it was very corrupt. There was an incredible, definitive corruption, ”he said.

However, the ‘Chemist’ Benitez as the Mayor is known said that in the port any show is welcome, as long as these comply with the regulations set by law.

“Here in Mazatlan every person who wants to do shows is welcome, he will be treated with courtesy, with education and with respect. But who wants to impose rules and not have their permits and not comply with the regulations, whoever it is will not happen, ”he said.

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