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Two Israeli wanted criminals murdered in Mexico City

Israeli wanted criminals Alon Azulay and Jony Ben have been identified by Mexican authorities as the victims in the Wednesday night’s murder in Mexico City. 

The two victims were eating in a café in a Mexico City shopping center, according to a report released by the Mexican authorities. A couple was sitting at the adjacent table. After the men ordered their drinks, the man and woman suddenly got up from their table, approached the Israelis and one of them shot them with a pistol.

The female shooter was arrested by security guards at the scene, according to the reports. Her male counterpart managed to escape.

She told investigators that she shot the men because of “betrayal and desire,” apparently a criminal code for murder because of treason against the criminal world in Mexico.

Internal Security Minister Álvaro Obregón said that one of the Israeli men died on the spot and the other was rushed to the hospital, where he died of his wounds. 

“The acting Israeli consul in Mexico, Eli Levy, set out for the location of the incident immediately after he received reports of it, and is working with local authorities to ascertain the identity of the victims,” the ministry had said before the victims were identified.

Israel’s Channel 12 had reported that the Israeli victims were a 40-year-old from Bat Yam and the other a resident of Tel Aviv.

Initial reports indicated that the victim was Ben Sutji, but Mexican media contradicted that report.

Sutji had been released from Israeli prison about six months ago. When he realized the police were following him, he moved to Mexico, likely because he had a girlfriend there. 

In 2001, he fled Israel with Erez Akrishevsky, who was extradited to Israel two days ago from Mexico. Both of them have served prison sentences for murder. 

In the past, Sutji was in conflict with the Mosley Brothers criminal organization. He is also known to have been associated with the criminal Ben Cohen and his uncle Itzik Cohen.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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