Can the Sargassum problem come to Mazatlan and the Sinaloa coast


Although currently, the presence of the macroalgae is very limited on the coast of Mazatlan, it is not ruled out that in the future it will begin to be seen on the beaches of Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A study to evaluate what is happening with the algae, which grow in the rocky area of ​​Mazatlan, will be decisive to know if in the future there would be an ecological disaster similar to what they currently have in the Caribbean, including the coasts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, said the UNAM academic Raquel Briseño.

He said that after several questions about the possible arrival of the macroalgae to the port, they estimate a meeting with specialists on the subject to know the status of Mazatlan so that citizens are informed.

“It is that yes, in previous years there are periods of the season in which we have that organic matter that the sea, the storm surge throws them and is on the coast line.”

He explained that in previous years, there have been periods where the sea throws seaweed similar to the sargassum on the Sinaloan coastline, since there is a rocky area that allows the growth of the marine plant and the waves detach it, so they do not rule out possibility that their might be seaweed in Mazatlan, although currently, the situation is negative to the presence of the algae.

“But what I recommend is then that we have a consultation with the experts and that they tell us what is happening and if there is a study that is addressing this problem, do not rule out any possibility of course.”

The academic of the Institute of Limnology and Sciences of the Sea of ​​the UNAM, recommends a consultation, because the enrichment of the waters with contribution of nutrients could generate the growth of the algae, as it happens in the case of the red tides, that they are presented by the high presence of nutrients.

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