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40,000 Young Totoaba Fish Released in Baja California Sur

LA PAZ, Mexico,  — Fishery of totoaba, an endemic species of Mexico, was one of the most important economic activities in the Gulf of California. However, totoaba was also one of the first to show evidence of overexploitation as a result of alterations in its spawning and growing habitat. As part of the effort to restock the Gulf of California with totoaba, Earth Ocean Farms (EOF), with the support of the federal and local governments, released for the fifth time 40,000 juvenile totoaba, raised thru sustainable aquaculture practices.

They were released in the Santispack Beach, Municipality of Mulege, Baja California Sur, a unique place for breeding this species. Representatives of Semarnat, Conapesca, as well as local communities, attended this event with a common objective: protecting totoaba.

Since 2013, EOF, a company based in La Paz, Baja California Sur, breeds high-quality totoaba intended for human consumption and manages a marine fish hatchery in an ecological and sustainable way. Such work does not only help to counteract the effects of the exploitation of this species, but it also creates jobs and drives economic development in the region.

“The totoaba is an endangered species, so we pursue to breed in the most environmentally and responsible way. This release has two goals: First, getting the society involved, especially children, who are the next generation that must know how to protect the environment; and second, delivering a farmed species that is 100% legal, nutritional and healthy through our Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife,” said Pablo Konietzko, CEO at EOF.

For the past five years, the company has developed an innovative plan to breed and release totoaba, thus contributing to restock the sea of Cortez and ensure its conservation. Despite being produced legally, international regulations still prohibit exporting the totoaba farmed by EOF.

Conapesca recently stated that Mexico’s government works in a coordinated manner with producers in order to perform actions with a new focus that boost sustainable product development in the fishing and aquaculture industry.

Likewise, Semarnat has said the goal of the federal administration is to promote sustainable and resilient coastal communities that recover the social fabric in a setting that reactivates the fishing activity, based on the sustainability and protection of the communities’ environment.

About Earth Ocean Farms
Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) is an innovative aquaculture company based in Baja California Sur focused on bringing environmentally healthy fish to market, making use of advanced, state-of-the-art and sustainable technologies in the area of offshore aquaculture. For more information about Earth Ocean Farms, visit http://earthoceanfarms.com/.

SOURCE: Earth Ocean Farms

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