Entrepreneurs from Jalisco are launched to market clothing for El Chapo


One of the conditions imposed by the daughter of the capo, owner of the image and brand, is that the authorized distributors donate a part of the profits for the rehabilitation of addictions

Guadalajara.- A group of Jalisco entrepreneurs bet on the brand of “El Chapo” and managed to obtain a license to be the first distributors in Mexico and Guadalajara of this clothing that bears the name of the legendary drug trafficker Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera and was presented by first time at a Fashion Expo in the state.

One of the conditions imposed by Alejandrina Guzmán Salazar , daughter of “El Chapo” and owner of the image and brand , is that the authorized distributors of all clothes and the special edition “701”, donate a part of the profits for a process of rehabilitation of addictions of inmates of the penitentiaries , in this case of Puente Grande that are those that elaborate the belts “701” that have a cost in the market of up to 15 thousand pesos.

Adriana Ituarte explained that they did not expect the success they had when participating for the first time in this type of expos (it is estimated that they are also in the October Festivities) since their intention was only to present clothing and items such as caps, wallets, bracelets and other types of accessories, but customers prefer to take it immediately and not wait up to three months for their purchase to arrive because so far only online sales were available.

“At the moment we acquire the license they tell us, we sell it to you but Dr. Alejandrina has a civil association which helps to reintegrate the people, in this case, the prisoners of Puente Grande who are the ones who help us to elaborate the bracelets, bundles and wallets “, among other pieces.

He explained that the special edition 701 is because Forbes magazine places Joaquín Guzmán in position 701 of the richest people in the world and that is why we thought about this special edition that consists of gold bracelets, purses and belts, which makes them have a high selling price and ranges between three thousand 500 pesos and up to 15 thousand belts.

Also on December 24 and 25 will have an event in expo licenses in Mexico City and the idea is to sell the licenses to have physical locations and in the case of Guadalajara if someone comes to have a physical store would also be ideal for them.

Adriana Ituarte explained that over the course of 10 years they have faced a series of obstacles, such as the fact that they did not find the bags and boxes for the products in Guadalajara because ” there are still many taboos ” and it was until they showed that everything It was a legal and registered business was how they began to make the situation more flexible.

The answer obtained “yes we expected it and not at the same time, yes because El Chapo sells, not because we have come across the purchase of the license, the arrangements, even to design boxes and all that, yes here in Jalisco there is still much taboo for that.

Finally you can also find some accessories ranging from 300 pesos to just over 600 pesos and all that is already available in Jalisco, in the coming days there will be an auction of 701 pieces of the special edition and the resources that will be collected will be for the rehabilitation of the inmates of the Puente Grande Prison.

Source: el sol de mexico

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