Sinaloa Governor inaugurates the first stage of a road to Isla de la Piedra ” Stone Island”


The work will consist of three stages and connects the junction of the airport road with this tourist area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With an investment of 46 million pesos, this morning the first stage of the road section linking the airport to Isla de la Piedra was inaugurated.

“In this first stage of 8.6 kilometers, the businessman Leovigildo Carranza contributed 20 million pesos (pesos), the rest was a state resource (…), in the end there will be a third stage that will be the one that reaches the Isla de la Piedra”, commented the Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who participated in the inaugural event that consisted of a bicycle race.

The governor added that this work will have a positive impact on the inhabitants of El Barrón and Isla de la Piedra, and that there are people interested in investing in the latter, so concluding the three stages would place more favorable conditions to attract more investment.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Public Works of the State, Osbaldo López Angulo, said that the second stage would be starting during the days of August 5 to 10 and would include a 5-kilometer stretch; while the last phase will be 6.5 kilometers.

In total, this connection will cost 150 million pesos, he said, and it is expected that this same year can be finalized, as long as the budgetary sufficiency for public works allows it.

“It is a road that will come to give a lot of fluidity, a lot of security and, above all, hopefully, it will start to pull more investment for this sector in Mazatlan,” commented the Secretary.

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