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There are three confirmed cases of Zika Virus in Mazatlan

Three confirmed cases of Zika in Mazatlan reported personnel from the Ministry of Health of the Government of the State of Sinaloa. In addition, another case is suspected, which is currently under clinical study to determine if it would be number 4 or completely discard it.

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Although the areas, zones or colonies where the cases of this viral disease were recorded, transmitted by the bite of mosquito vectors of the genus Aedes, the Ministry of Health in the southern zone, began the work of discarding and eliminating mosquitoes

Unofficially it was learned that the subdivision of Prados del Sol in Mazatlan is a case of Zika that keeps a housewife hospitalized.

Faced with this situation, the state authority on public health explained that it is an unconfirmed case in that area, because the results of the patient’s clinical analyzes and studies have not yet been obtained.

And is that in many cases, the first symptoms, the patient or relatives of the same go with a private doctor and says, “It seems Zika” but do not confirm, so having the report in the health sector It is discarded until it is certain that it is said disease.

Given the possibility that this case is Zika, all the preventive actions were taken to take care of it and prevent more cases in that area of ​​Prados del Sol, it was reported.

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