The best Pescado Zarandeado is found at Isla de la Piedra, Sinaloa


Pescado Zarandeado is a dish that can not miss in your visit to the Mazatlan and for the best, you have to go to Stone Island ” Isla de la Piedra” much better.

For example at restaurant Puesta de Sol, Don Rafael, better known as the “Piporro”, is in charge of preparing this delicacy of the gods.

The first thing to do is marinate it with soy sauce, put it on the coals and then bathe in a secret dressing of the house and accompany it with a salad of vegetables, rice, beans, sauces, and handmade tortillas.

Undoubtedly at Isla de la Piedra the Best Pescado Zarandeado dish is served “people come and try it and always come back.

Have tried it yet?


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The Mazatlan Post