Mazatlan officials allowed Germán and Héctor to join in marriage


A couple of the same sex resorted to an Amparo ” court order” obtained in their favor this benefit that today gives them legal certainty in Sinaloa and before society

Mazatlan, Sin.- What began as a simple ‘courtship’ through Facebook, a couple of years ago, this July 12, 2019, was formalized in a union and signed under a marriage agreement between Germán and Héctor, who despite the obstacles, they managed to overcome until they finalize their equal marriage, the first registered in the port of Mazatlan under an umbrella.

The offices of the Civil Registry of the Administrative Unit of the port was the point that concentrated the contracting parties, one native of Culiacán and the other native in Mazatlan, accompanied by their relatives and friends as witnesses, listening to the yes that united this couple as a marriage between people of the same sixth, Judge Patricia García Granados endorsed this love link.

“Like your partner to Germán Enrique Cisneros Salcido -yes, I accept- Germán Enrique Cisneros Salcido accepts as your partner Héctor Jesús Muro Beltrán -yes, I accept”.

After an appeal filed a few months ago to crystallize a dream to legally formalize their civil union before society and the State, the couple went before the judge, who told them about the obligations and duties that this responsibility of life implies, Patricia García Granados congratulated them publicly.

“And there being no legal impediment, I, José Paz Patricia García Granado, declare them in the name of the law, and before society, united in marriage, please Hector Jesús and Germán Enrique, applause for the new marriage.”

The marriage bond between people of same-sex marriage concluded with a family party on Saturday night, where their friends and family came to wish them the best in this new stage of their lives.

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