Kayak online travel platform says Mazatlan is top 3 travel destination in Mexico


The Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros, stressed that it is a pride to share that Mazatlan is among the top three favorite destinations for national tourism to vacation this summer.

The foregoing indicated it according to a study carried out by the Kayak online travel platform, published by El Financiero. In which he comments that at a national level, Mazatlán appears as one of the favorite tourist destinations for Mexican tourism.

Perez Barros added that the important thing that said kayak is that Mexicans prefer to travel to domestic destinations than foreigners.

“The Mexican increasingly plans his vacation because as we have said, doing so can get better rates and occupations in the hotels they prefer; The fact that the Mexican tourist plans his vacation more in advance is a positive point for both the destination and the tourist. It also shows that 88 percent of tourists who come is staying in hotels, “he said.

“Being within the first three destinations is a good point in favor and the one that is planning the national tourist with more time to come here, is because Mazatlan is attractive and is the points we have to highlight,” he said. 
The Kayak study also highlights that, 65 percent of the national tourism that traveled during 2018, did it to different destinations in our country.

“This figure is important because it shows the strength of the domestic market in Mexico,” said the regional director of the platform, Fabio Brunelli. 
In this way, he added that Mexico is part of the expansion they seek to have in Latin America, seeking to consolidate the use of the search engine in ‘Aztec land’. 
Kayak launched a microsite for travelers to plan their vacations in a self-taught way, since they only enter the starting point for the platform to provide different destinations, in addition to the average prices. 
Other destinations that are among the most sought after by national tourism for summer vacations are La Paz, San José del Cabo, and Ixtapa, while internationally, Cancun is the tourist pole that users seek on the platform.

Source: pmxportal, el financiero

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