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YouTubers of Mazatlan

YouTube has become an interesting platform and the youtubers of Mazatlan have gradually become very important in this video site.

There are so many youtubers that you can not imagine, there are Mazatlecos youtubers that share music, that customize cars to scale, that make tutorials, singers, that take photos and many vloggers, these are some of them, if you know one that you think we should include or What we missed, leave it in the comments.

Kimberly Loaiza

We could not start this list without mentioning the biggest cutie that took youtube unnoticed and reached the first places. Kimberly Loaiza already exceeded 11 million subscribers and the people who follow her like her entertaining way of telling things.

In this video we can see Kimberly in some places of Mazatlan as in the track of GoKarts that is in Plaza Sendero, in ice rink in the Grand Plaza and in the Golf of the Pacific Food Truck.


Foodturista is a food and travel channel where you can learn where to eat in the destinations that Athena Mar visits in their videos.

In its channel we can visit many places of Mazatlan, such as the south beach tacos , Beto seafood, Barracrudas, cuchupetas; but you can also see the food and attractions of interesting destinations like Tlaquepaque, CuatroCienegas and you are about to start a trip through Mexico to be aware of it.

Kenya OS

Kenya OS although I delete a great part of its videos of YouTube little by little they are returning their subscribers and followers to see their videos. Os of Kenya OS is diminutive of Osuna, so it can not deny its origins Mazatlecos. There are only 4 videos on its new channel but Kenya has evolved from its first videos to what it currently uploads. Kenya OS is vlogger so you can watch videos of your life on your channel. #ForzaKENINI

Juan de Dios Pantoja

If you are Pantojita then you know that Juan de Dios Pantoja is Mazatleco. The streets of Mazatlan are part of many of his vlogs that would eventually launch him to youtuber fame. Juan de Dios Pantoja already has more than 10 million subscribers and along with Kimberly Loaiza they have the Jukilop channel where they show their love and friendship.

The best-known video in Mazatlan is when he distributed 100 cakes through the streets of the port. Although it has many more popular videos in this we see that Juan de Dios has a lot of affection for the Mazatlecos.

The Mazatlecans who know him have told me that he was a chamberlain for quinceañeras for some time and this can be seen in his incredible care with his way of dressing and the talent he has to keep us entertained with his videos.

Sultan Tuner

Sultan Tuner is a Mazatleco youtuber that has already achieved more than 100 thousand followers in a very specific niche that is to make improvements to automobiles to scale and make videos using the beauty of Mazatlan as a scenario of them.

If you like scale cars, hot wheels and see how these miniature automotive works of art are made, you will find that Sultan Tuner is very talented.


This channel is what we do in this blog, we have several years with him but lately we are being more active in creating videos about places in Mazatlan and stories from our port.

We do it with pleasure so that more people know how beautiful Mazatlan is and the things that happen in our beloved port.

The super trout

Super Trucha is a Mazatlan vlogger that is part of the Jukilop Crew and makes videos of Challenges. Super trucha only has 6 months on YouTube but from his first videos appear other famous people like Juan de Pantoja, Gabo de Werevertumorro and Mario Bautista.

Eloisa OS

As you can imagine Eloisa OS is the sister of Kenya OS so sometimes you can watch some of her sister’s cameos in her videos. It has a month that started on YouTube and already has more than 870 thousand subscribers. You have to be aware of these sisters because they are going to do interesting things.

TV Ana Emilia

Ana Emilia is a girl who may know many Mazatlecos for being the children’s queen during the 2016 carnival but many more know her as the little youtuber de mazatlan that is fun, plays, shows interesting places for children and goes very fast to reach the thus 2 million subscribers.

I have a niece and every time you see the YouTube logo on TV, you want to watch videos of Ana Emilia. And I can say that the children love to see how they play with slime, jump on a trampoline, in the pools, the unboxing of board games and see how they play.

Gonzalo My taste is to drive

Gonzalo and his channel of my Gusto es Conducir is for car lovers, who want to see someone who knows and is passionate about the subject. You can find new videos on your channel 3 times a week with driving tests of all brands, power tests with alternative fuels such as gas.

If you want to buy a new car or just like to know these details that only feel when driving a car and not reading the specifications you must subscribe to this channel.

Gonzalo is from the Youtubers of Mazatlán that I have seen that he loves to make his videos, always bring a jacket or cap with the logo of this video site.

Daniel Habif

Daniel Habif is one of the Mazatlecos youtubers that we did not know was from here, we had to put in his instagram feed and several interviews to prove it. Daniel is one of the youngest speakers in Mexico.

Daniel Habif is the motivating youtubers, those who write these speeches that help you get ahead and motivate you to achieve things you did not think possible, just appeared in a commercial of the coca cola world, but his most famous video is the one that We share where he talks about his favorite superhero, his mother.

Daniela Rodrice

Daniela Rodrice is making videos on many subjects although several are about her hair, she is also doing unboxings, tutorials and beauty routines and outfits. It has improved a lot since it started.

Persan Films

Persan Films is a channel of Photography and photoshoots where you can see the behind-the-scenes of other youtubers that we already mentioned as Daniela Rodrice and Kenia Os. His videos are interesting because he shows us how to take pictures in places where you can not imagine like in a Home Depot, besides everything you need to create set photos.

Julio Ess

Julio Ess in his videos gets into dens, houses and abandoned mansions in Mazatlan, some that belonged to Narcos. In addition to these videos, it also takes us to travel around Mazatlan to tourist places such as the Mar pool, the historic center or the longest Malecon in the world.

Antonio Zazueta -Tuky Show

Antonio Zazueta is an active promoter of Mazatlan on YouTube, he has one of the most honest channels that I have found lately besides watching several videos of him you can realize that what better person to show Mazatlan than someone who handles a pneumonia and belongs to a band of Sinaloan Music.

The tuky show is one of the most disciplined channels as it uploads video almost every day showing and counting something from the port of Mazatlan or one of the places you visit in the city.

More Than Show

Although they are not so consistent in their video upload dates, we must acknowledge the great contribution of Paul Palacios and Julio Uribe to the world of video creation in Mazatlan since they are behind the scenes and in the editing of several vloggers in addition to others media of the city. They have a rather peculiar humor that you will like later.

Are there more Youtubers from Mazatlan?

These are some of the youtubers Mazatlecos are not all, some we discovered thanks to the post of 9 Youtubers of Sinaloa by Robert Merca.

We try to be updated about it but sometimes we find Mazatlan youtubers that we did not know they were from here, besides that there are more and more. You can help us by telling us who we need to know about their existence and be aware of them.

We know that we lack the youtubers that sing but we are doing an article dedicated only to them where you can see that more mazatlecos sing on youtube besides Chucho Rivas , Alex Coppel, and Fran Zata

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