Mexico 1st power plants fueled by garbage


The company will start with three projects, whose billing value will amount to 240 million pesos by 2020, when the three power plants are operating.

Promotora Ambiental ( PASA ) will create an energy business unit and with that, it would be launched in the electricity generation market through biogas.

The Monterrey company dedicated to the collection of residential waste and industrial and commercial waste will start with three projects whose billing value will amount to 240 million pesos by 2020 when the three are operating.

Manuel González, general director of the company, explained that the first plant will start in June of this year in León, Guanajuato and will have a capacity of 2.8 megawatts, the remaining two will be in Torreón and Tijuana and will operate later this year.

“We will be the only garbage and waste collection company in the country that ventures into the generation of electrical energy apart from Simeprode(Integrated System for Ecological Management and Waste Processing),” said the director.

The investment that will be destined for the three plants will amount to 380 million pesos.

In the case of León, the energy will be sold to the municipality for street lighting.

The Torreón plant will have a capacity of two megawatts and in Tijuana will be three megawatts, both will be operating later this year and the investment will be 120 million pesos each.

The executive mentioned that the energy generated in the Tijuana plant will be sold to the municipality and that Torreón will probably be sent to Puebla, although he said that they do not have it defined.

For the company, this step it is taking is very relevant given that methane is being converted ( greenhouse gas ) into CO2, to make it less lethal, but not only that but to transform it into green electricity.

Currently, PASA has 24 landfills in different states of the country ; one more in Costa Rica and the other in Panama.

Of these landfills in two years plus five of these would be able to generate electricity, one of these would be in Cadereyta, Nuevo León.

The company that during 2018 based its growth on the international part to obtain benefits from the acquisitions it made in Colombia and Costa Rica.

For this year, they will consolidate those markets and adopt a precautionary policy and an operational efficiency strategy.

Source: el financiero

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